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El Zorrito


Who doesn’t like foxes?

This is a great song by Ylvis that is all the rage — it’s not in Spanish, but it is a great adult song that is also kid-friendly.

For this program we read the book, El Zorritto by Kate Banks.


And here is a cute rhyme to teach the kiddies (sorry haven’t figured out all the diacritics on Windows 8 yet!)

Cinco Lobitos

 Cinco lobitos tiene la loba

Cinco lobitos detras de la cola

 Cinco tenia, y cinco creo

 y al pequena sopitos le dio

The flannel was done to the song, “Que Dicen Los Animales” by Hap Palmer:

Que Dice Los Animals, cancione por Hap Palmer
Que Dicen Los Animals, cancione por Hap Palmer

As the animals are introduced, we put them on the board and imitate the sounds the make.  “El conejo” is always in the middle, because he never says anything: “No dice nada” — es adorable.

We also made very cute fox masks:


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