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Moncho Y La Mancha (Spots!)


 Moncho Y La Mancha by Kiko DaSilva

 Moncho y La Mancha by Kiko Dasilva (ISBN: 978-84-8464-078-3)  is a delightful story about a young artist who receives a box of paints for his eighth birthday, draws a zillion pictures, falls asleep on top of them and then wakes up to find a mysterious black spot on one of the papers.  He then sets off in search of identifying what the spot could be.  The book is published as part of a series called Libros Para Soñar and is only available in Spanish but is easy enough to translate to English if you need to do so.

This story is particularly useful because it serves as perfect springboard a  favorite craft:  The Mixed-Media Art Project!  (Fun for kids, good for encouraging creativity and problem-solving, and you can use up all your odds and ends clutter up your shelves.)

Warm Up Song:

Prior to the reading of the story warm up with Hap Palmers’ Desfile De Los Colores  from the album Learning In Two Languages /Aprendiendo en dos idiomas.  Have fun marching proudly and waving your scarves in the air!  There are lots of great participatory songs on this album and it’s a highly recommended purchase. 



The Craft

After reading the story, children were invited to engage in creating their own mixed media creations using “dot” paint (the kind used for marking bingo cards), ink pads,  pillow stuffing, and stickers.

Here you can see how one child has used the stuffing print the sky and is now using it to be the rain cloud.

Here you can see how one child has used the stuffing print the sky and is now using it to be the rain cloud.

And two more samples:

A bird taking flight?

A bird taking flight?

Creative use of stickers!

Creative use of stickers

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