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Giving Thanks

 Short of writing your own, finding Spanish language materials that represent your average American kid celebrating Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas  can be pretty challenging.  Exploring the themes of thankfulness, caring, or just enjoying a tasty meal is one way to work around this.


Fiesta Para Diez (ISBN 9780618442157)  / Feast for 10  (ISBN 978-0618382262) by Cathryn Falwell

Simple story about a family grocery shopping for a big family meal.  The story can easily be used to represent many sorts of large family gatherings.  Originally this was a picture book, then available only in paperback and now as just a board book.  If you want, you can get creative and turn this into a flannel story so you have larger visuals.

A classic trickster tale

A classic trickster tale

Mi Día de Suerte (ISBN: 9789580494720) by Keiko Kasza (Also available in English ISBN: 9780399238741)

A classic trickster tale, wherein a rascally pig tricks a fox (and who doesn’t like foxes!) into providing him with a fabulous meal, spa bath, and massage.  When the fox drops from exhaustion, clever piggy makes quick his escape.  For added drama, get a second person and take on the roles of piggy and fox.

Joseph Had a Little Overcoat

Joseph Had a Little Overcoat (ISBN: 978067087550 ) by Simms Taback

This book is currently only available in English, but is easily translatable and lends itself to audience participation with the part of, “He wore it, and he wore it, ‘til it was all worn out / Y lo usó y lo usó hasta que estaba desgastara.


Algo de Nada

A Spanish language retelling of Joseph Had a Little Overcoat, with a few minor variations.


Todas Las Comidas  by Moona Luna from the album Piñata Party

A Bi-lingual song about eating all sorts of healthy foods that works well with shakers.

Choosy Cha Cha from the album Music Moves Me

All the songs on this album have English and Spanish versions.  This song is based on the idea of the electric slide with the educational messages that eating right, makes you strong.  Also mentions the importance of brushing teeth.   But most importantly … kids love it!

Things I’m Thankful For / Doy Gracias from the album Divirtámonos Aprendiendo con Hap Palmer

A nice low-key song.  The album contains both the English and Spanish version.  If you want to use a prop, scarves waving gently work well with this song.


Bate, Bate Chocolate

 Bate, bate chocolate

Bate, bate Chocolate

Tu nariz de cacahuate

1-2-3 Cho! (clap hands)

1-2-3 Co! (clap hands)

1-2-3 La! (clap hands)

1-2-3 Te! (clap hands)

Chocolate! Chocolate!

Bate, bate chocolate!

Bate, bate, bate, bate

Bate, Bate, Chocolate!

For the last section of the rhyme, rub hands to together like you are spinning a stick between them, enunciate all the syllables and go faster and faster with your hands, until at the end you throw them up in the air.

Estrellita (Twinkle Twinkle Little Star) is also a nice tie-in for wishing in the New Year:


Estrellita donde estás
me pregunto quién serás…

En el cielo o en el mar
un diamante de verdad.
Estrellita dónde estás
me pregunto quién serás.

Craft Ideas

To go with the book, Mi Día de Suerte children made a healthy meal collage from paper plates, silverware, napkins and some clip art food all pasted onto a paper plate.

Kids had great fun putting together their dinners.

Kids had great fun putting together their dinners.

Another easy craft to do is to make wish paper paper chains.

Using 2 inch strips of paper, children an adults write down things that they wish for.   This is a particularly great early literacy craft for parents to do with children.  You can also reinforce additional literacy skills with you ELL clients by encouraging them to write in the language they know best.

Encourage children to write their wish for the new year in the language they know best.

Encourage children to write their wish for the new year in the language they know best.

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