Talk, sing, write and play; Share a story everyday


Bring a multi-cultural aspect to your programming repertoire by creating destination programs.  Follow the simple rubric and tips below and you will  have a  successful program every time.


Where Should We Go?


Important complementary holidays or historical events with the U.S.

Time or season of the year

Important current event or future happening

Request from patrons

Reflective of the cultural heritage of your clients

  Basic Content:

Show the country on a world map, (how many miles from your current location?)

Language: Count to ten: say, “hello, goodbye and please”.

Short story or book about that country

A few more interesting facts

Song or dance from the country

Children’s rhyme from that country (not always do-able)

Craft related to that country



Choosing the Country:

 A reverse season approach can work well.  Warm places in the dead of winter and cool destinations in the hottest parts of summer are fun choices.  An aside:  The crowd went wild this past with or visit to  Brazil on Fat Tuesday 2014.  What a joy to pretend we were all at Carnivale, samba-ing our way to the Sambadrome.    For a brief moment,  the mountains of snow smothering Northern Illinois were forgotten.


Bigger is always better. Prezi has a basic map template that is great to use.  Projecting the country’s flag on a screen while playing the national anthem is also enjoyable.  YouTube is another great source for counting, rhymes, songs and dances.

Ease of execution:

If you can, include the adults.  Often, the adults end up having more fun than the kids!  Also, they can help with the crafts.  If you do include the food,  they also can make sure the snack is appropriate for their little one.

Keep the craft simple!  

A basic stick puppet is a good fallback. Find coloring pictures of people in native dress or animals indigenous to that country. Have children color them, cut them out, and stick them on a stick.  Voila!  Instant puppets for children to take home.


Fresh fruit, vegetables or pre-packaged snacks from that country.  Be sure your clients know the ingredients.  If the adults can’t be there and you don’t have detailed health information on the kids, you should just skip this part.

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