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Penguins y Pingüinos

What’s black and white and read all over?  Penguins!   Ok, enough with the terrible jokes.  Here’s enough stuff to keep your little tots waddling along through the long cold winter


 Up and Down (ISBN:  9780399255458) by Oliver Jeffers.  Determined to figure out how to fly on his own, penguin runs off to join the circus only to find the circus intends to send him “flying” from a cannon! On the surface this is a fairly simple story  but it also contains a fairly complex emotional element.  The story can also be used as a bridge to help children discuss topics such as fear, anxiety and the importance of trust and caring in relationships.



Flight School (ISBN:  978-1442481770)  Penguin just knows he was meant to fly.  After all, deep in his penguin heart, he has the soul of an eagle. With perseverance and a plucky flight instructor penguin sees his wish come true.


 Pingüino  / Penguin by Polly Dunbar (ISBN Spanish 9788479018597, ISBN English: 978-0763649722)  A stuffed penguins is a mute and immobile witness to a boy’s cajoling to do anything.  That is, until a lion comes along…


Product DetailsTacky The Penguin / El Pingüino Tacky by Helen Lester (ISBN English  978-0395455364, ISBN Spanish:  978-0618125319)  Much to the dismay of the more formal penguins in his colony, Tacky the penguin is rude, crude and quite frankly socially unacceptable in his wild Hawaiian shirts.  However, his fellow penguins soon see the value in Tacky’s tacky mannerisms when he convinces some unsuspecting penguin trappers that there are no penguins to be found. 


Songs and Rhymes

Doing the Penguin  from the album Hot! Hot! Hot!  Flip your flippers and waddle along to this quirky song from the folks at Sesame Street.  Adults will also enjoy the 1920’s jazz vibe which is well-suited to concepts of black and white.

Pingüino from the album Es Invierno Me Voy a Divertir A very modern children’s song with elements of rap and dance synthesizer.  My kids just love it.  It is not listed on the album contents and there is no English version. Overall this album is great to have, and I have used many other songs from the album in my programs.


Have You Ever Seen a Penguin?

(This is a made-up acapella song sung to the tune of Have You Ever Seen a Lassie)

Have you ever seen a penguin, a penguin, a penguin

Have you ever seen a penguin waddle this way and that

Waddle this way and that way

Waddle this way and that way

Have you ever seen a penguin waddle this way and that?

(Waddle wildly and flap wings!)


(Another ridiculously easy Spanish rhyme that is a great hit with everyone — even my non-Spanish speaking kids)

Pin uno, pin dos, pin tres,

Pin Cuatro, pin Cinco, Pin Seis … 

Pin Siete

Pin Ocho

Pin Nueve…


(Flap those wings!)



Penguin Flannel

Three Little Penguins

Three little penguins dressed in white and black

Watch them waddle forward

Watch them waddle back

Three little penguins in a funny pose

They are wearing their evening clothes!

Put three flannel penguins up on your board. Count them as you put them up.  Discuss the colors on the birds.  Then do this short rhyme.  After you go through the rhyme one time.  Have the kids waddle forward, then back and strike their penguin pose.

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