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About Me

I am a 30+ year veteran of the public library system in the Chicago Suburbs.  (Yes, I actually typed  library cards and filed them in a card catalog.)

My undergraduate degree is in Psychology and I have a master’s degree in Information Studies.  I hope to one day get a second master’s degree in linguistics.

Among other things, I  have also successfully raised a dyslexic child.   My determination to help him succeed led me to take a giant step back from my professional career so that I could focus on helping him obtain the educational assistance he needed.   This challenging  journey has allowed me to become quite knowledgeable as to how people learn to assimilate language and process information.

This blog was started primarily as a way to help other librarians find easily executable program ideas that support early literacy and quality parent-child interactions. It is also  an outcropping of my determination not to accept diagnoses and labels that educators and other professionals in the mental health and medical industries are quick to slap onto those who see  and process the world in a unique manner.  If everyone were “normal” it would be a dull world in which we find ourselves.

All the opinions expressed (and some of them are quite strong) are not meant to harm or cause offense.  What I do wish to relay is that these are strategies and philosophies that have worked for me.  You might have different views and I would like to think that we can all learn from one another.

Everything has purpose. Nothing happens by chance.  Every person brings value to our society. You may not see the value at first, but if you look closely, dig deeper than the surface and keep rummaging around, it can be found — though sometimes not without pain or loss.

It is also hoped that this blog will serve as a way for older folks (often referred to as “Big People”) to rediscover and nurture their inner child and connect with the younger folks in their lives.

It is amazing how technology and the ability to communicate and share ideas is changing the world of literacy and education.

I hope you find something of value here, share the ideas you find and play them forward.

Peace and happiness,

Miss Carol

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