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Giving Thanks

 Short of writing your own, finding Spanish language materials that represent your average American kid celebrating Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas  can be pretty challenging.  Exploring the themes of thankfulness, caring, … Continue reading

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Moncho Y La Mancha (Spots!)

      Moncho y La Mancha by Kiko Dasilva (ISBN: 978-84-8464-078-3)  is a delightful story about a young artist who receives a box of paints for his eighth birthday, draws … Continue reading

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Día de los Muertos

A favorite program to do each year.  What is so wonderful about this holiday is that it really is a joyous celebration of loved ones who have departed and a … Continue reading

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El Otoño Ya Llego

We started with this simple rhyme that I wrote: Las Hojas Están Cayendo (To the tune of London Bridge) Las hojas están cayendo Están girando Están moviendo Las hojas están … Continue reading

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El Zorrito

Zorros!  Who doesn’t like foxes? This is a great song by Ylvis that is all the rage — it’s not in Spanish, but it is a great adult song that … Continue reading

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Oscuro Muy Oscuro…

For a fun Halloween treat, we read the book Oscuro Muy Oscuro by Ruth Brown, sang the song Don Gato (meow! meow! meow!), did a very short rhyme,  and then … Continue reading

September 30, 2013 · Leave a comment
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