Talk, sing, write and play; Share a story everyday

Teaching Reading in Kindergarten

Kids are being taught to read earlier and earlier.  As you will often hear me say, kindergarten is the new first grade.  Can kids in kindergarten really be taught to read? Second graders reading chapter books?  Well, if approached properly, evidence suggests the answer is yes.  The natural outcome is the development of reading curricula in kindergarten.

It’s a very scary idea, but that’s why more than ever early literacy initiatives are so important.  And it’s more important than ever that parents and educators know how children learn.

So how do we create these young readers?  Thankfully, the best method to build the foundation for early literacy is easy:   talk, sing, read, write and play with children everyday.   It is quality interactions of children with caregivers that is the number one predictor of later academic success.

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