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Favorite children’s Spanish music

The following is a list of my most frequently used songs and music in my Spanish and bi-lingual programming.

The links take you to where you can find more information about the songs.  I am currently NOT an affiliate of, just a frequent customer who has noted that many of the things I use in my programming can be viewed on their site.  



Spanish for Kids: A Bailar! ¡A Bailar!  Spanish Learning Songs for Kids

Another great CD from the folks at Whistlefritz.  Favorites include: Baile de los Manos; De Colores; Hora de Limpiar; Vengan a Ver Mi Granja; and Arco Iris.  Vengan a Ver Mi Granja and Arco Iris translate well into flannel sing-a-long stories.


 Canciones de Animalitos

A great CD by the folks at Pam Schiller Resource.  Favorites from this CD include:  Mascotas de Emilia; Aqui en Mi Jardin; and Cinco Mariquitas.   Un Elefante and Señor Don Gato can also be made into flannel boards.



Product DetailsAlgarabia en la Granja

At over six minutes in length, this is a long song for the preschool crowd, but if presented with the right amount of drama and flair, it quickly becomes a favorite.  Easily adapts into a flannel board by making momma and baby animal pieces.


Product DetailsMuévete:  Learn Spaish Through Song and Movement

Fun album that often features children singing the songs.  You’ll find a cute version of:  Hokey Pokey; Pulgarcito; La Pequeña Araña; Ojos, Boca y Dientes as well a good welcoming song and a clean-up song.


Product Details Soy Una Pizza

In addition to the classic, Soy Una Pizza, you will find Somos Como las Flores: Di Dinosaurio, a pleasant version of La Bamba; and Himno de Alegría (Ode to Joy).  There is also an English version of this album that has many of the same songs:  10 Carrot Diamond. 


Xuxa Solamente Para BajitosXuxa Solamente Para Bajitos

Contains a fun adaptation of the Hokey Pokey:  Ven Que Te Voy A Ensenar.


Product DetailsCanta de Colores

Favorites from this album include Vibora de la Mar (which is a game song similar to London Bridge), El Burrito Enfermo (can be made into a flannel version as well), Las Mañitas, Los Pollitos and the timeless classic De Colores.


Too Much Fun! Demasiada Diversión, Vol. 1 CD by Jim RuleToo Much Fun! (Demasiada Diversión)

This is an older CD that may or may not be available on Amazon.   There are two volumes.  They are both well done, but I found more usable material in volume two which contains: En un Ãrbol yo Conocí, La Ranita, Adios/Vive la compagnie.  Here is a link to his website if you want more information about his work:  Jim Rule.  La Ranita and En un Ãrbol yo Conocí adapted well to flannel.

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